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Outstanding Volunteers 

of 2019-2020

Tamanna Ramesh

Nancy Brach Rogers

Gail Lange

Susan Mungai

Dr. Shantrell Willis

SEIFT Director-At-Large

2020 Emerging Leader Network Award


Dr. Martha Verghese

SEIFT Director-At-Large

2020 William V. Cruess IFT Award for Excellence in Teaching

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Fun, informative events that make great networking opportunities! Anyone can attend...

Discover the benefits and advantages of being an IFT Member, and joining the SEIFT...

From scholarships to mentorships, the SEIFT takes pride in supporting students...

From Job opportunities, to student info and connections, SEIFT strives to provide all the resources we can...

Learn about our history, our leadership, and more...

We have alot of FUN, and we have pictures to prove it!

IFT Section Recognition

SEIFT has been recognized in the past several years for our commitment to IFT, our section members, and the food science and technology profession which we demonstrate through our exemplary volunteer service and a variety of events we organize throughout the year. We would like to thank all the section members and volunteers who made this possible.  


2019-2020            Section of Excellence

2018-2019            Section of Excellence

2017-2018            Section of Merit

2016-2017            Section of Excellence

2015-2016            Section of Excellence

2014-2015            Section of Excellence

2013-2014            Section of Merit

2012-2013            Section of Merit

2011-2012            Section of Merit

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